Tuk Tuk Tour Lagos

Tuk tuk tour Lagos

An eco-friendly and silent Tuk tuk tour of Lagos’ coastal city center is an enjoyable way to discover some of its major landmarks with an experienced guide, while having fun aboard this eco-friendly vehicle.

Your tuk tuk tour of Lagos will bring you through its historic center, where you’ll learn more about churches, museums, slave markets, fortresses and all of its points of interest – not to mention visiting Lighthouse where caves and rock formations await!

Old Town

The Old Town of Lagos is an intriguing maze of charming cobblestone streets and medieval buildings, perfect for exploring and experiencing local culture. Furthermore, this area offers vibrant nightlife that makes for a delightful evening stroll!

Lagos Castle, situated within its city walls, should be on every tourist’s itinerary when visiting Lagos as it provides breathtaking views over its surroundings.

Portuguese Discoveries Wax Museum is another engaging and educational attraction to see in Portugal, shedding light on its fascinating history. This museum contains multiple rooms that highlight key events from Portugal’s rich and fascinating past such as: Battle of Aljubarrota; King John I and Philippa of Lancaster’s wedding (Treaty of Windsor); Conquest of Ceuta; and Discovering Brazil.

Old Town offers you a spectacular site: the Church of Santo Antonio is an impressive 18th-century structure that stands out among other buildings, boasting exquisite golden-painted wooden carvings on its interior walls.

One of the best things to do in a city is visiting its Saturday farmers’ market, where you can buy fresh produce such as live chickens, olives and their oil, homemade jams and flowers.

Rua Infante de Sagres, Rua 25 de Abril and Gil Eanes Square are the ideal locations for finding this market, which should take no more than an hour to explore fully. Don’t miss this unique experience! If you’re in the Madeira area, you may also like to explore Tuk Tuk tours Madeira.

Old Town is generally flat, though there are a few hilly sections. If you want to explore these parts, wear comfortable shoes.

At night, take in one of the many restaurants with stunning views of Old Town. The Garden Restaurant stands out with its beautiful terraces – ideal for windy days when dining outside! They serve BBQ meat, fish and vegetables.

Lagos boasts many beaches that provide a relaxing atmosphere or offer beach volleyball tournaments. Some beaches boast unique cliff-views for nature spotting boat tours.


Lagos, known for its picturesque cliffs, Atlantic beaches and old world charm is an idyllic coastal town located along southern Portugal. Boasting historic churches, castles and a lighthouse on top of a clifftop lighthouse makes Lagos an attractive travel destination.

This tour offers an ideal way to see the highlights of Lagos in a safe, comfortable way. Travel around in a tuk tuk with your private driver and learn about some of Old and New Lagos’ most notable points of interest while visiting some popular caves or beaches nearby.

Your guide will introduce the history and best spots for photos in Lagos. You will visit landmarks such as the slave market, fortress and churches of Lagos’ old city as well as beaches and caves such as Camilo Beach.

Visit the Old Fortress of Lagos and discover its walls, canons and man-made labyrinth. This will be an unforgettable experience for both you and your family!

Tuk tuk tours will also visit some of Lagos’ most spectacular beaches, with Praia Porto de Mos being one of the largest beaches, popular among both locals and travellers alike due to its soft sand, stunning scenery, and breathtaking vantage point.

Praia da Dona Ana Beach is another stunning spot in Portugal. Known for its soft sands dotted with magnificent rock formations, this spot has earned itself an outstanding rating on TripAdvisor and boasts fantastic facilities that cater specifically for swimmers looking for relaxation spots.

This beach may be small, but it is extremely well protected and offers stunning views from the headland – definitely one to visit!

Walk down the steps and explore the caves at the end of the beach – these rock formations and grottos make a fantastic sight!

Meia Praia Beach and Ponta da Piedade Beach are among the most beloved in Lagos, providing tourists with numerous options for swimming, sunbathing, or watersports activities. Both beaches are conveniently close to the center of town.


Lagos is Nigeria’s most populous city and serves as a vital social, economic and entertainment center with beaches galore. The streets buzz with fashionistas, techies, hawkers of aromatic food hawkers, and Afrobeat music – making for an exhilarating urban experience!

As you ride around in your tuk tuk, take time to appreciate its attractions – such as beaches and caves – along with exploring points of interest with your guide who can share insight into its history and culture.

Praia da Batata is one of the most beloved beaches, dominated by an iconic 17th-century fortress that serves as both an historic center and an entertainment spot during summer vacation. Popular with both young travelers and residents, you’ll find stand up paddle boards and kayaks here – or enjoy a cool beverage at Mar Restaurant!

Praia do Canavial is another popular beach in Lagos and beyond, offering seclusion with its combination of sand-and-rock terrain. Although slightly harder to access than many of its counterparts, Praia do Canavial makes the journey worth your while if you are willing to traverse a long cliff path to get there.

Attractions at this beach include its striking bridge that stretches across the ocean between rock formations. Photographers from around the globe visit for its captivating beauty, making this beach an unforgettable destination.

This beach is a popular surfing spot. Numerous surf schools bring students here during peak seasons, making this beach very crowded during the peak seasons.

Here you can enjoy beach activities like bodyboarding and scuba diving, with lifeguards keeping an eye out to ensure you remain dry.

If you’re seeking a quiet beach in the area, Praia da Balanca might just be what you’re after – its towering cliffs create a scenic hideaway perfect for taking unforgettable shots of both beach and ocean! Plus, their presence provides the perfect photo op for creating memorable photos from every angle.

Don’t miss Dona Ana Beach, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its spectacular cliffs and rock formations. It was named in honour of nun Ana, who fled her convent during World War I.


As one might imagine, Lagos offers breathtaking cliffs and caves to admire. One way of experiencing them is the Tuk tuk tour which allows visitors to visit some of the most enchanting areas within city limits.

Starting off the tour at Alfanzina Lighthouse – an impressive red building perched atop cliffs – you will visit some of Lagos’ best beaches including Praia do Paraiso and Camilo Beach for spectacular photo ops.

As well, make time to visit Elefante Cave – considered one of the finest caves worldwide and considered “one of the most spectacular caverns in Europe”.

There are various ways to explore the Caves, from walking and kayaking tours to boat tours; but, by far, the most popular method is taking a Benagil Caves boat tour from Carvoeiro.

Benagil Cave can be easily and quickly explored via boat ride. Simply remember that entry to the cave itself cannot be gained directly, instead you’ll disembark and walk down towards a beach where there is space to stand on a small patch of sand.

Cave exploration can be fun, but not for those easily intimidated. Wearing waterproof jacket and sturdy footwear are essential in order to navigate their rocky terrain; additionally, bring along a head-torch as it can become quite dark in certain spots.

Visit Combarelles Cave, just 20 minutes from Font-de-Gaume Museum, for an enjoyable tour that is packed with centuries-old engravings, drawings, and scratch marks that date back centuries! Visitors to this tourist hot spot will have plenty of opportunities to witness amazing ancient artwork such as engravings, drawings, and scratches left by humans along their passageways.

Visit this must-see cave when visiting Algarve; tickets can be obtained directly at its entrance. However, be mindful that daily access may be limited in order to protect the paintings in the cave; therefore it’s advisable to book ahead.