Discover Guimaraes on a Tuk Tuk Tour

Tuk tuk tour guimares

Guimaraes is widely considered the birthplace of Portugal and boasts an incredible cultural legacy, earning its inclusion on UNESCO World Heritage list. Its medieval center offers mazelike streets and squares framed by 14th-century buildings that provide for an incredible sightseeing experience.

Start exploring Guimaraes with your family by hiring a local guide and take them on a tuk tuk tour of Guimaraes’ hidden treasures!

1. Get to know Guimaraes in a different way

For an alternative way of experiencing Guimaraes, consider taking a tuk tuk tour. These tours give an up close and personal view of its treasures that you wouldn’t otherwise get the opportunity to see.

Tuk tuks are small and compact vehicles designed to carry three passengers comfortably – typically two adults and one child, but occasionally up to four people can fit inside at once. You are driven around in convoy of up to seven tuk tuks (usually far less) led by an experienced lead guide/driver backed up with other guides and mechanics in back up vehicles.

As part of your tour experience in Singapore, you can anticipate an engaging and exciting tour, complete with stops along the way to enjoy its beauty and appreciate all that this vibrant city has to offer. Your unforgettable travel adventure will create memories you will always treasure!

Starting off your visit of Guimaraes with a castle should be your top priority. Though its exterior may appear modest, once inside you will be delighted by its grandeur and history. A castle tour provides the ideal introduction to Guimaraes!

Attractions not to miss include the Palace of the Dukes of Braganca: an elegant yet unassuming building featuring many fascinating artefacts in its museum; once home of Alfonso I of Portugal and his family.

Be sure to visit the Church of Sao Miguel as it holds special significance – it was where Dom Afonso Henriques, Portugal’s first king was baptised!

Praca de Sao Tiago is one of the city’s greatest draws, featuring old world charm and offering an abundance of restaurants and cafes to choose from. Additionally, it’s an excellent spot from which to watch the sun set!

Guimaraes is at its peak during May, June and September when temperatures are most agreeable and tourist crowds have decreased significantly. If you plan on visiting during this time frame, make sure that you book in advance as this could become extremely crowded!

2. Discover the city’s hidden treasures

Guimaraes is an enchanting Portuguese city with a rich heritage. People feel at home here, where communities come together to defend and commemorate ancient traditions. Guimaraes’ unique culture can be seen reflected in how its citizens live their lives.

Your visit to Guimaraes offers you the chance to gain an in-depth knowledge of its history and landmarks by taking a guided tour around this lovely city. A tour guide can give you insight into its rich past while unveiling hidden gems within Guimaraes.

This 4-hour tour will explore Guimaraes Historic Center, a UNESCO World Heritage site. You’ll have ample opportunity to discover its medieval quarter and other notable sights such as Guimaraes Castle, Palace of Dukes of Braganza and Liberty Square – plus other highlights like Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Oliveira church and Padrao do Salado monument!

Experience vibrant nightlife, fantastic dining and drinking scenes, and lush parks when visiting this delightful city. To maximize the experience during your stay, it is advised to book a hotel in this captivating locale.

Visit this city between May and September when the weather is most agreeable for optimal sightseeing experiences, festivals, and celebrations such as Carnival Tuesday.

Nossa Senhora da Consolacao Church stands out among Guimaraes’ iconic churches for its breathtaking combination of baroque and rococo architecture, dating back to 18th-century construction. When visiting Guimaraes, be sure to pay a visit.

Guimaraes offers another must-see destination: the Monastery of Santa Clara. Established in 14th century to house nuns from Order of Santa Clara, this stunning building is known for its pointed arches, mullioned windows and ornate capitals.

This Neoclassical Catholic temple boasts an interior with an intimate, serene ambience – featuring an ornate altar and magnificent sculptures. This serene and inviting space makes an excellent place for meditation or simply unwinding and relaxing.

3. Enjoy a unique experience

Are you looking to experience Guimaraes like never before? Why not join one of our thrilling tuk tuk tours! Led by local guides with great knowledge about Guimaraes, our tours allow for an immersive exploration experience! Our friendly drivers offer exciting tours through Guimaraes like never before – come join one!

Example of such sites would be the Old Quarter, listed by UNESCO World Heritage as an architectural treasure. Walls covered with stunning Portuguese tiles decorate buildings while ancient stone homes line cobblestoned streets.

Highlights in this area of town include Largo da Oliveira, an historic square lined with century-old balconies and Nossa Senhora da Oliveira Church – both designated UNESCO World Heritage sites – which provide a glimpse of Guimaraes’ medieval past.

Castle of Guimaraes, just outside of Guimaraes city center, is another must-see attraction. Built as an anti-Morocco fortification in the 10th century, later used by King Afonso Henrique and his family as their official royal residence.

Your options for touring this ancient castle range from guided tours and strolling trips, to going solo and simply admiring its views. Keep in mind, however, that this popular attraction should be planned ahead to avoid crowds.

Visit Serra da Penha for breathtaking moss-covered boulders and picturesque trails that will satisfy nature enthusiasts. It also provides stunning views of Guimaraes Old Town and other landmarks nearby.

Those looking to hike must remember to bring a map as being lost can often prove daunting when reaching the summit. We’ve witnessed multiple tourists get disoriented on the trail, making it more challenging to return down later than anticipated.

If you’re searching for somewhere to stay the night, consider booking one of two Portuguese pousadas nearby. We stayed in Pousada Mosteiro de Guimaraes’ historic and exquisite rooms – making for an excellent base from which to explore this part of Portugal. Rooms were clean with TVs, air-conditioning units, wi-fi connections, private bathrooms featuring complimentary toiletries – making the Mosteiro de Guimaraes an exceptional experience!

4. Enjoy a fun ride

Guimaras, just 15 minutes by ferry from Iloilo, offers the ideal place to relax and indulge in some of the world’s finest mangoes. Additionally, this coastal town offers some of the finest cuisine in the Philippines – its signature dish being Guimaras Ham and Sweet Bread. Additionally, this city abounds with art galleries, museums, and breathtaking architecture that offer something for every visitor.

Tuk tuk tours offer an economical and exciting way to see the city, with shared tuk tuks starting from just 8 pesos for the first three kilometers. If you prefer guided tours with transfers included in their price or prefer exploring independently; morning is generally best to maximize energy for exploring.