Tuk Tuk Tour Madeira

Tuk tuk tour Madeira

Tuk tuk tours of Madeira provide the ideal way to discover this garden city by the sea with its rich artistic, historical and architectural legacy. Enjoy this leisurely yet informative journey while learning more about Madeira’s culture and traditions while having an enjoyable journey!

This 90-minute tour takes you to all of Funchal’s best sights by tuk tuk with your own private driver/guide. Visit Old Town and the Barreirinha, Vila Guida and Sao Baptista Fortress viewpoints; all while exploring Funchal.

Christmas Lights Tour

If you want to experience Funchal’s magnificent Christmas lights in style, this tour will provide all of the top locations. Your guide will drive you around in an open-top bus so that you can see how its main streets, avenues and squares light up with festive beauty.

At Madeira Island, Christmas lights and decorations create one of the most magical and unforgettable holiday experiences! Let the sparkling lights take your breath away and add even more excitement and wonderment to your trip to Madeira!

Furthermore, you will visit the Botanical Gardens where you can admire colorful plants and flowers cultivated to protect endemic species.

Visit Funchal for breathtaking sea, mountain, and city views from this wonderful viewpoint! Plus you may just spot an assortment of colourful parrots flitting about! Enjoy incredible vantage points that offer fantastic panoramas of Funchal city as well.

Your group will also get to sample poncha, a traditional Madeira drink made of sugar cane alcohol (aguardente de cana), honey, and lemon juice.

After this, you will visit the traditional fishing village of Camara de Lobos (“the sea wolves’ lair”) and climb 3,280 feet (1 kilometer). At this altitude, you’ll have an unobstructed view across Nun’s Valley that few visitors see – an opportunity to venture off-beaten-path and discover some of the island’s more natural wonders, such as mountain lakes or lush, mossy cliffs such as Cabo Girao.

Your adventure continues when you climb aboard ‘Carreiros do Monte’ – an extraordinary basket made of wicker and eucalyptus – for an exciting ride downhill, while being photographed! A photographer will capture this unforgettable adventure! If you’re in the Lisbon area, you may also like to explore Tuk Tuk tours Lisbon.

Botanical Garden Tour

Madeira boasts some of the most exquisite botanical gardens in Portugal, including Funchal’s Botanical Garden which first opened its doors back in 1960 at Quinta do Bom Sucesso – one of Madeira’s renowned villas.

The garden covers 35,000 square meters of land and is divided into five main areas. It showcases indigenous and endemic species from Madeira Island as well as other Atlantic Islands such as Azores, Canaries, and Cape Verde, in addition to featuring exotic plants from around the globe.

An unforgettable trip to the Botanical Garden by tuk tuk is an excellent way to explore this special place, providing stunning views over Funchal and providing access to its Natural History Museum.

Tuk tuk tours to the Botanical Garden can be found from most hotels and cruise ship terminals in Funchal for just 3 EUR extra per person. Our comfortable tuk tuks come equipped with certified guides who will ensure a fun-filled journey!

This tour begins in Funchal’s picturesque Old Town where you can marvel at its lively “painted doors” project, one of its key tourist attractions and an ideal starting point. Here, there is also plenty to see and discover!

On your journey, you’ll see historic buildings and other interesting sights such as farmer’s markets and the Campo Almirante Reis.

At the Monte Palace Tropical Garden you will have the opportunity to see exotic plant species. At the conclusion of your tour you will also experience one of Madeira’s unique activities – toboggan riding.

Your Funchal tuk tuk tour can last from one to four hours depending on your preferred length, with you having full control of its duration to suit both you and your budget. Take the journey and experience Funchal at its finest with your own customized tour experience!

Camara de Lobos & Cabo Girao Tour

Are you searching for an entertaining way to experience Madeira’s western region? The Camara de Lobos & Cabo Girao Tour offers just that experience! Discover Camara de Lobos fishing village while marveling over one of Europe’s highest sea cliffs: Cabo Girao.

Madeira Island offers visitors some stunning scenic vistas over the Atlantic, as well as providing an opportunity to experience more traditional life on this stunning island. A visit here should not be missed.

From Funchal, this gorgeous area can easily be reached in just a short trip. There are various methods of reaching this stunning area such as renting a car or taking an organised tour.

On this tour you will be picked up from your hotel in Funchal and driven to Camara de Lobos, a picturesque fishing village known for the majestic Cabo Girao cliffs. Here you will be able to soak in stunning coastal views while riding comfortably in a tuk tuk.

After your tour is complete, you’ll be taken to Cabo Girao viewpoint for breathtaking panoramic views while standing on its glass floor. At 580 meters above sea level, Cabo Girao is Europe’s highest cliff – you will be truly astounded at how magnificent and impressive its beauty truly is!

Once you reach the summit of Cabo Girao, take some time out for yourself and admire the view from its skywalk. Not for the faint-hearted but surprising enjoyable once acclimated to heights!

As well, visitors will have an opportunity to witness the charming fisherman’s chapel dedicated to Saint Anthony – this was where wives of fishermen used to come before sending their husbands off on ships, to pray for their husbands while at sea.

Once you’ve taken in all that Funchal has to offer, head back to your hotel in Funchal or hop aboard one of their buses to the cliffs whenever it suits you.

Funchal Tour

Tuk tuk tours provide an enjoyable, unique, and interactive way to explore the island. Offering tours for every traveller type.

Are you hoping to witness some of Madeira’s iconic landmarks and attractions? A tour with Tuk tuk could be exactly what’s needed. Explore top attractions like Botanical Garden, Cabo Girao and Camara de Lobos with an expert guide who will ensure that you make the most out of your trip.

Madeira Tuk Tuk Tour begins when you are picked up from either your hotel or cruise ship and taken on a 90-minute tour through Funchal’s most historic areas, stopping by Barreirinha and Vila Guida viewpoints for panoramic views over Funchal Bay.

Stops will also include Sao Pedro fort and Quinta das Cruzes museum, which showcases Madeira’s rich culture and heritage. Housed within an restored fortress, the museum features Portuguese and foreign furniture as well as ceramics and sculptures from Portugal and beyond.

This tour is ideal for first-time visitors as it gives an excellent introduction to Funchal and its surrounding area. Ask the driver for recommendations should you wish to book accommodation.

After your sightseeing experience is complete, head back to either the city center or hotel. Depending on your preference and available guides, this may take about an hour.

If you enjoy exploring nature, a guided canyoning trip may be just what’s necessary! With some of the finest canyons around, an experience like this should not be missed while on island! Canyoning trips should not only provide incredible experiences but can be found for an excellent price as well!

This trail offers an intermediate to challenging hike and takes approximately 2.5 hours to complete, offering the chance for those wanting a general overview of Funchal and some additional trails before continuing down to more difficult trails. Once completed, a cafe awaits where they’ll provide refreshments before returning you back to Funchal.